Getting Around Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended

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Adobe Photoshop’s interface is quite easy to use, and has become a model that nearly all image-editing programs follow—so even if you do switch to a different program, you aren’t going to be lost. The interface is organized into the top toolbar (called the Option Bar), and the many palettes at the sides. You can show or hide any of these palettes in the Window Menu.

The Photoshop Work  Area

Flowers Photoshop CS5

The Tools Palette

The Tools Palette (sometimes also called the ‘Toolbox’) is where all the Photoshop magic happens. Select a tool from here to perform the corresponding action on your image. Some tools have a black arrow at the bottom right corner—this means there are more tools in that category. Click and hold on the tool to bring up the full list of tools. Additional options for each tool will appear on the toolbar at the top.
tools 1
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