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Automatically Publish Blogger Posts To Facebook,Twitter And Other Social Sites

Social media plays an important role in improving any blog's SEO.That's why you may watch social media gadgets almost on every blog/website.If you have enough number of subscribers on social sites then just automatically publish your posts on social sites and get the traffic.Today I am giving a tutorial about automatically posting on Facebook,twitter and some other social sites with using service which is free of cost.I am also using this service to publish my blogger posts Facebook and twitter.The reason behind to choose is it is very easy to use and install.You can on-off auto publishing anytime and very easily.Lets see how to use it.

Automatically Publish Blogger Posts On Social Sites

  • First go to
  • Signup with giving your email address and choosing password.
  • Now go to your inbox and confirm your email address first
  • You will redirect to another page here you have to provide your feeds address in below format
  • automatically-publish-blogger-posts3 USERNAME HERE

  • Click on twitter icon and you will redirect to twitter
  • Give your twitter's profile's username and password and hit "Authorize App" button.Now your posts will automatically publish on twitter.

  • automatically-publish-blogger-posts2
  • Now click on Facebook icon.

  • automatically-publish-blogger-posts4
  • You will redirect to Facebook page. Log in to your Facebook account from which you are managing your fan page and select your fan page.
  • Customize your services as you wish and save your changes.

  • That's all about auto posting on social networking.If you know more services then share it using contact form below.

How To Change Mouse Cursor On Blogger Blog

As a smart blogger or site designer you always want to decorate with new style to your blogger blog or site. Is not it? I know you are very careful to change the look of every part of the blog. One of my friend asked me about changing the mouse pointer on his blogger blog. You know, its very easy to do. So Lets do it now.
  • Log in to Blogger Blog.
  • Go to Design, click Edit HTML (Don't forget to backup your template)
  • Find the following code  by pressing Ctrl+F
  • Now simply paste the below code before/ above ]]></b:skin>
/*------- Mouse pointer style start --------*/
body, a, a:hover {cursor: url(ADD CURSOR URL HERE), progress;}
/*------- Mouse pointer style end --------*/

  • Click Save Template and you are done.

Note: Change the red link with your own selected pointer link. Here are 2 websites link where you can get huge mouse pointer.


  2. Totally Free Cursors

If you still having problem just let me know. Have a good day. :-)

CSS : Text Shadow In 3D Effect

Hello Friends Today we are discuss Text-Shadow With CSS.this Word Firefox,safari,Chrome and Internet explorer Is Not Working . The CSS 2 property text-shadow is supported in Safari since version 3 (also available for Windows), Opera since 9.5, Firefox since 3.1, Google Chrome since version 2, Konqueror and iCab. In fact, text-shadow is supported by all browsers that are based on WebKit, the rendering engine behind Safari and Chrome. Internet Explorer 8 does not support such text shadows (except for some DirectX image transform filters).

Today I am Sharing How to 3D Text Shadow With CSS.

CSS : { font-size:200%;margin:10px 0 0;padding:0;color: #ffffff; text-shadow: 0 1px 0 #ccc, 0 2px 0 #c9c9c9, 0 3px 0 #bbb,0 4px 0 #b9b9b9,0 5px 0 #aaa, 0 6px 1px rgba(0,0,0,.1),0 0 5px rgba(0,0,0,.1),0 1px 3px rgba(0,0,0,.3),0 3px 5px rgba(0,0,0,.2),0 5px 10px rgba(0,0,0,.25),0 10px 10px rgba(0,0,0,.2),0 20px 20px rgba(0,0,0,.15); font-weight: bold;}


<h1 class="tg-sha"> Text Here </h1>

Text CSS-3D

Using This Blog Title h1 tag <h1> </h1>

How To Simulate A Ball Hitting Another Ball


  • Go to start –> Macro Media –> click on Flash document.
  • Choose the circle option displayed in the toolbar. create two circle at the opposite ends.
  • Go to frames -> right click on the 1st blank frame and click insert key frames.
  • Select the 1st ball and make it to move towards the other till it touches.
  • Change the shape of the ball using free transform tool as soon as the two ball touches each other. after hitting each other make them to move towards opposite direction.
  • Before moving to the opposite direction bring back the balls to its original shapes.
  • Finally test the animation by selecting control –> movie clip.



How to Create an Animation for Words

procedure to create an animation with the following features.
* Letters should appear one by one
* The fill colour of The text should change to a different colour after
the display of the full word.


  • Go to start -> Macro Media -> click on Flash document.
  • Choose the textbox from the tool bar. Type the word as ‘WELCOME’ on layer1.
  • Select the complete word, increase its Font size and change the colour.
  • In the timeline window, select the 1st frame-Right click on it –> choose insert key frame. Now delete a last letter {E} and change the colour of the remaining word.
  • Repeat the above procedure till you delete every word in ‘WELCOME’.
  • Now select all the key frames –> Right click –> choose ‘Reverse key frames’.
  • After reversing the frames copy the last frame and paste on its next. now in the new frame Select all the complete word ‘welcome’ and change the colour.
  • Finally, go to ‘control’ -> click on ‘test movie’ you will get the required animation.



How To Simulate Movement of a Cloud


  • Go to start –> macromedia –> click on flash document
  • Create a blue background in layer 1
  • Now insert a layer 2 and draw the clouds in this layer.
  • In order to create the clouds, go to tool bar and select pencil option, draw the cloud in layer2
  • Fill the colour to the cloud, right click on it –> choose convert to symbol option –> give the name as cloud
  • Select the movie clip option and click ok.
  • Go to filter —> click on the + symbol –-> select glow to apply glowing effect —>  select the colour to white
  • Under glow and adjust the blur x/blur y values.
  • Give the appropriate blur effect to the cloud.
  • Go to frames, insert key frame on both the layer, create the motion tween on 2nd layer and move the clouds
  • Finally go to control –> click on test movies


cloud1                                                cloud2

cloud3                                                cloud4

How To Create An Animation To Indicate A Ball Bouncing On Steps



  • Go to start –> macromedia –> click on flash document.
  • select the line tool and draw the steps. colour it using the paint bucket tool
  • Select the circle from the tool bar and create a circle on the work area.
  • Now fill the colour to the circle using the paint bucket tool from the tool bar.
  • Go to frames right click on the first frame and choose insert key frame. slightly move the ball. Repeat the same procedure by adding new key frames to show the ball change the shape of the ball slightly when it touches the surface.
  • In order to change the shape use the free transform tool.
  • Go to control and click on test movies . You will observe the ball bouncing on steps.


Below are the screenshot of the bouncing ball.

ball1                                     ball2

            Step 1                                                                                           Step 2

ball3                                     ball4

                     Step 3                                                                                        Step 4

ball5                                      ball6

                    Step 5                                                                                               Step 6

How To Create An Animation To Represent The Growing Moon

  • Open flash 8 software -> click on flash document->go to windows->properties -> select the properties tool -> choose the Background to black.
  • Go to fill color under tool bar -> select the white color.
  • Select the oval tool in order to draw the moon. you will get a white circle.
  • Select the white circle on the worksheet using the selection tool -> right click -> convert to symbol –> select movie clip –> give suitable name Eg: moon –> click ok.
  • Go to filter->click on the + symbol->select glow to apply glowing effect-> select the color to white under glow and adjust the blur x/blur y values.
  • Click on the + symbol again and chose blur -> again adjust the blur x/blur y values.
  • Place the moon where ever you want on the work area.double click on layer 1 and rename as MOON.
  • Insert another layer –> rename it as Animation.
  • Select the fill color to black-> select oval tool and draw a circle on the moon to cover the moon –> select the newly added circle -> right click -> convert to symbol -> movie clip -> name it as Animation.
  • Go to filter -> select + symbol –> give the glow and blur effect as did for moon.
  • Select the 150th frame in moon layer –> right click –> insert key frame. repeat the same for Animation layer.
  • Click on the 149th keyframe of animation layer –> right click-> press create motion -> select the animation movie clip and move slowly across the moon.
  • Finally go to control -> test movie -> u will get a growing moon as the output.

See this below Output screenshot.


Add Syntax Highlighter For Your Blogger Blogs

Hello friends, you might have seen that in many blogs the codes are just highlighted with other background and with some special effects. If you are looking for such type of the syntaxes then this post is most important for you and will stop your search. This Syntax Highlighter will represent your code professionally into your blogger blog. Just follow the simple steps to add syntax highlighter into your blogger blog.


Add Syntax Highlighter For Your Blogger Blogs

pre {padding: 10px;clear: both;width: auto;overflow: scroll;font-family: "Courier New", "MS Sans Serif", sans-serif, serif;color: #ffffff;font-size: 13px;line-height: 22px;white-space: nowrap;border: 1px solid #d5d5d5;background-color: #000000;margin-top: 8px;margin-right: auto;margin-bottom: 8px;margin-left: auto;text-shadow: none;}
  • Save your Template.
And now you can use this syntax highlighter when you need by adding a simple code in your blog posts.
<pre>your code/syntax goes here </pre>

And you have done !
if you have any query then feel free to make a comment.

Morphing effect using Adobe Photoshop

Hello friends today i am going to show you –“How to morph two different images into one images using Adobe Photoshop”. For doing this we need two different images i have used this two images of a bird and a dog. If you want to try this on this image just download this image.
  • To download Right click on the image –> Save image As –> Choose where you want to save the image –> Ok.


Morphing effect using Adobe Photoshop

  • Open Adobe Photoshop.
  • Go to File –> Open the downloaded image from where you have save the images previously.
  • Now we will start off chopping the dog's head. Here i am using lasso tool (better if you use Magnetic lasso tool) to crop the dog's head.
  • Now after you create the selection you have to right click inside the path and select make selection, then copy and paste it on the bird image.
  • After pasting on the bird layer you will have to right click on the dog's head layer on the layers palette and convert it to smart object. Then hit CTRL+T and match it to the bird's head.
  • This is how we convert the elephant head to smart object, it greatly helps in maintaining the quality after cropping.
  • Now that we have transformed the dog’s head on top of our bird we will create a new adjustment layer and control the hue and saturation for the dog’s head to match it to the bird. So yeah hold alt and click the “create new fill and adjustment layer” select the hue and saturation and enter the settings shown below.
  • Create a new layer and name it skin, in this layer we are going to make the scales of the bird on the dog’s head. For doing this we will quickly grab the clone stamp tool and select sample all layers and then hold alt on the bird’s scales and using a soft brush put it on the elephants head. Make sure you are on the skin layer which you created now!
  • Here is the final result.

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How to make anyone of the picture of parrots to Black and White in Adobe Photoshop

Well today i am back with another Photoshop tutorial on how to make anyone of the picture to Black and White.

How to make anyone of the parrots to Black and White

  • Open Adobe Photoshop (any version) –> File –> Open a parrots picture (Here i have choose parrots because this will help you to understand the topic clearly).
  • Select a parrot using Lasso tool (i recommend Magnetic lasso tool) –> Go to Image –> Adjustments –> Desaturate.
  • After giving Desaturate the selected picture will turn to black and white like this image given below.
Parrots Desturated (Black and White)
  • Now Save the as ‘Save As’ to save it in image format.
That’s it now you upload the picture you have desaturated in social networks and show your skills in Adobe Photoshop to your friends. Use comment section if you have any doubt’s. Please do not spam.
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How to Adjust The Brightness and Contrast of the picture in Adobe Photoshop so that it gives an elegant look

This is our second tutorial on Photoshop. Hope you guyz enjoy this.


How to Adjust The Brightness and Contrast

  • Open Adobe Photoshop -> File-> Open -> Choose a file and open it.Bright 1
  • Go to Image –> Adjustments –> Brightness/Contrast.
  • After getting the Brightness/Contrast window adjust the brightness and contrast by Dragging the appropriate bar setting.Bright 2
  • Finally save the image file.
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