Introduction to MistyInfo Blogging

Let’s start from the very beginning (a very good place to start! – thanks for the song stuck in my head, Julie Andrews). MistyInfo Blogging is a leading blog platform founded in 2021 by the passionate blogger duo of John and Misty. They started it with the sole purpose of simplifying blogging for everyone.

Over the last 3 years, MistyInfo has grown from a tiny blog hosting a handful of amateur writers to a mammoth blogging community with over 500 bloggers covering topics ranging from self-help and health to finance and food. Their goal is to enable anyone with great ideas to start a blog and share their knowledge without needing complex technical skills.

So if you ever thought “Blogging seems so overwhelming! If only there was an easy way to start…” well, MistyInfo is the answer you seek, my friend! Let’s dive into the key aspects of launching your blog on this platform.



Getting Started as a MistyInfo Blogger

Becoming a part of the MistyInfo blogging community is simple, quick, and completely free (yes, you read that right!) Here is how you can join:

Joining as a Blogger

* Navigate to the vibrant purple Sign Up button on their homepage. You’ll never miss it even if you’re distracted by something shiny.
* Enter your name, email address, and password to register.
* Pro tip: make your password strong by combining random words like HorseCalculatorSunglasses – no one can ever guess that AND it keeps your account secure! 🤓
* Once you Sign Up, check your email to verify your account and confirm your joining (be sure to check spam folders if you don’t see it).
* After email verification – yay, you are now an official MistyInfo blogger!
* Login to your blogger account dashboard to start setting everything up.
* Make sure to read the MistyInfo Blogging Guidelines properly. They cover crucial rules regarding allowed content, privacy policies, banned topics, etc. We’ll discuss details later so keep them handy!



Requirements to Blog on MistyInfo

Since MistyInfo focuses on making blogging easy, they don’t have very complex requirements:

* You should be passionate about a hobby, well versed in a skill, or consider yourself an expert in a topic. In short – have specialized knowledge to share!

* For example, if you baked amazing 3-tier unicorn cakes through the pandemic, start a baking blog. Got investment tips from successfully maintaining a stock portfolio for 10 years? Consider a finance blog. Survived S L E P (sleep deprivation) in college thanks to your arsenal of study hacks? Edu blog FTW!

* Ensure your blog content aligns with MistyInfo guidelines. We’ll tackle this next.
* Be enthusiastic about helping others by sharing your knowledge through blogging – the internet always needs more of that positive energy!

* No need to have mad coding skills or web development experience. The MistyInfo site builder (which we’ll get into shortly) makes setting up incredibly easy without touching code.

* You DON’T need to commit full-time hours. Start writing posts casually once or twice a week – no pressure to blog daily if you have a busy life. Consistency matters more.

* Lastly, bring creativity and authenticity! Share content that showcases your unique experiences and style.

And that’s pretty much it! MistyInfo welcomes both hobby bloggers who want to start blogs as side-projects as well as professional full-time bloggers joining their partner program for monetization help.



Rules and Guidelines

Now let’s quickly glance through the key guidelines outlined in MistyInfo’s Blogging Policies page so you can avoid accidentally violating any rules.


Content Restrictions – Big No No’s

Stay FAR away from posting any:

* Illegal or unethical content – content that promotes hate speech, violence, illegal activities, etc. Besides getting banned from the platform, you could get into legal issues. Let’s not go there!
* Sexually explicit content
* Harassment or cyber bullying
* False information or claims unsupported by evidence/facts
* Violating copyright – never simply copy-paste content from another site without permission, especially images.



Data Collection

* Be fully transparent if your blog collects ANY private data from visitors like emails. Clearly display your terms and privacy policy.
* Allow visitors to easily opt-out or have info removed.


Accuracy & Expertise

We’ll dive deeper into the concepts of EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) in the next section. But in summary:

* Blog ONLY on niche topics where you have substantial expertise or experience.
* Fully research and verify any claims or facts shared in posts rather than blindly publishing them.
* Provide evidence/data for advice or recommendations made related to health, finance, or people’s safety.



Harmful Advice

Be extremely cautious when blogging on YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) topics as incorrect guidance can seriously impact readers. We’ll discuss more details later. But the key rules are:

* Provide full transparency around background/qualification if giving any medical, financial, or legal suggestions.
* Give disclaimers if sharing personal experiences rather than professional expertise when commenting on YMYL topics.

And that covers the key guidelines! The rest includes technical stuff related to SEO, security, performance, etc. which will be handled by the MistyInfo site builder.

Phew, going through that list was important but I’m excited to finally move on to the fun stuff…setting up your actual blog!



Setting Up Your Blog

The first and most important step to start your blogging journey is setting up your blog through the MistyInfo site builder. Their slogan isn’t “We Build Blogs!” for nothing! 😉

Let me walk you through the main steps:

Choosing a Domain

This will become the address for your entire blog. For example:

* Health/fitness blog =
* Finance blog =
* Tech review site =


Tips for picking the right domain:

* Keep it short, simple and memorable
* Ensure it clearly conveys the blog niche and purpose
* Use target keywords if aiming to rank on search engines
* Add your own name to build your author brand


Introduction to MistyInfo Blogging



Selecting a Template

This part is super fun and often underestimated! 🎉 The template controls site layout, fonts, colors, etc aka the style and vibe of your blog.

* Browse MistyInfo’s template library with 100+ designs across categories like lifestyle, food, fashion, etc. Filter by features like custom fonts, page layout, etc.
* Need more options? Upload any open-source template purchased separately into MistyInfo
* Preview templates to see the demo site before activating
* Don’t Stress! Can be easily changed later

Pro tip: Pick one aligning well with your blog niche – a minimal style for a tech blog vs a vibrant, colorful template for a food site.



Writing an Author Bio

Most new bloggers skip writing a bio in their excitement to start publishing posts (guilty as charged!). But hold up…your bio establishes credibility and helps build an emotional connection with readers.


Make sure to:

* Provide background that conveys relevant expertise like education, and professional experience related to your blogging niche.
* Share briefly why you started the blog and what you aim to achieve. Readers dig stories of passion projects!
* Open up a little personality-wise through hobbies etc. so readers can relate to you as a person behind content. But no oversharing super personal stuff publicly!


Additional Setup

Some other quick settings before your site goes live:

* Install security plugins – non-negotiable!
* Add social sharing buttons
* Setup categories to organize posts
* Create static pages like About Me, Contact, etc
* Submit sitemap to search engines

And….drumroll please…your blog is SETUP! 🥳Pop the bubbly and celebrate!

Now we can *finally jump into the best part – creating that sweet, sweet content!



Creating Great Content

We covered earlier some key rules around accuracy, transparency, and ethics when it comes to blog content on sensitive topics. But what actually makes content genuinely great rather than just average or sub-par?

The main principles that matter both to readers and search engine algorithms are:

EAT – Expertise, Authoritative, Trustworthy Content


Let’s break this down…

Establishing Expertise in Your Niche

* Conduct extensive research before writing on a new topic
* Consult high authority sites, published research, and data from reputable sources
* Evaluate if you

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