Travel Advantage Elite: An Overview

Travel Advantage Elite: An Overview

Feeling like an A-list celebrity starts from the moment you join Travel Advantage Elite. This ritzy membership club rolls out the red carpet for frequent travelers who want luxury, convenience, and i’m-kinda-a-big-deal status baked into every vacation.

So what exactly makes this elite travel program so advantageously elite? Travel Advantage Elite grants members access to the secret VIP club of journeys, with exclusive discounts, upgrades, and enough high-end perks to make your Instagram followers wonder if you won the lottery. I’m talking 50% off ultra-luxe suites, personal assistants to handle every detail, and enough complimentary cocktails to spark a dance party at 30,000 feet in the air.

Think of Travel Advantage Elite like the backstage pass of globetrotting – one that whisks you away from crowded cattle lines and into red-carpet treatment at every destination around the world. Other travelers will look upon your early boarding calls, private lounge access, and free food with pure jealousy. Let them eat airport pretzels while you dine on lobster mac and cheese in between champagne refills!




Benefits of Joining

The hallmark perk of Travel Advantage Elite is unlocking deep discounts and scoring complimentary upgrades across all areas of your journey. We’re talking about saving some serious green on flights, hotels, tours, and more so you can splurge on souvenirs or experiences instead of draining your bank account just to grab a decent room. The savings will pay for the membership fee faster than your flight can take off!

Travel Advantage Elite: An Overview


Exclusive Discounts & Upgrades

Be ready to save up to 50% or more off published rates at over 3,500+ luxury hotel brands and resorts worldwide. We’re not talking shabby roadside motels either – we mean high-end properties like the Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, and St. Regis. As a member, you’ll have insider access to rates normal peasants can only dream of, allowing you to afford stays at 5-star properties for a fraction of sticker price.

And while snagging half-priced suites is reason enough to join alone, Travel Advantage Elite sweetens the vacation pot even more with:

  • Guaranteed room upgrades when available. Size matters, so say goodbye to cramped quarters and hallo to spacious presidential suites and villas!
  • 25% off premium cabin airfare along with priority boarding and check-in privileges. No more jostling for overhead bin space or elbowing past the masses for a decent seat.
  • Savings on cruises, guided vacation tours, car rentals, and more. Whatever globetrotting goals are on your vision board, you can likely save big through the program partners.



Personalized Travel Services

Consider your personal Travel Advantage Elite advisor like a genie in a bottle ready to grant unlimited travel wishes, only without the puffs of smoke. This dedicated agent serves as your advocate, travel guru, and vacation planner all-in-one, customizing experiences so everything is smooth sailing from the moment you book ’til the second you reluctantly drag your sun-kissed skin back home.

You simply tell your advisor the experiences, destinations, budgets, or ambiance you desire and they handle the rest – snagging those half-priced hotel suites, securing tables at Michelin-rated eateries, scheduling private tours and transport, you name it. Don’t waste precious downtime fiddling with travel logistics when you have a personal assistant to handle it all. Now that’s a vacation.



Lounge Access

Get past velvet ropes and unlock the VIP lifestyle by gaining access to the global network of exclusive Travel Advantage Elite member lounges located in major airports. This oasis of luxury serves as a home away from home during journey pit stops, allowing you to refresh, recharge, and refuel surrounded by premium amenities.

We’re talking about Complimentary food and drinks, private bathrooms and showers, fast WiFi, business centers, conference rooms, napping pods, and more. Now instead of camping on the terminal floor twiddling your thumbs ’til boarding time, you can be sipping champagne while chilling in a massaging lounger chair.

Talk about traveling in style!




Requirements for Membership

Ready to submit your bid for access to this elite travel arena? Here’s what you need to know to procure the prestigious Travel Advantage Elite status:

Annual Membership Fee: $5,000 ● Invitation Only: You must be invited or nominated to join based on your globetrotting habits and brand partnerships

While the price tag is certainly not pocket change, keep those 50% discounted suites, lounge access, and personal assistant perks in mind. For frequent jet setters, just a few luxuriously curated trips can easily offset – or even negate- the entire annual cost.

Plus not just anyone can purchase their way in – membership truly is exclusive and by invite/approval only. So wield that card with pride knowing you’re rolling with high-caliber travelers!



Is it Worth Joining?

Clearly, Travel Advantage Elite membership has drool-worthy perks that make basic economy passengers weep into their soggy McWraps…but is it truly worth that fat annual fee?

Here’s the tea sis – the value you extract is directly proportional to how frequently those perfectly-packed luggage sets shuffle through TSA.


Best for Frequent Travelers (Minimum 3-4 trips)

Casual trippers who only vacation once a blue moon should pass on joining, as you likely won’t travel enough to offset the program costs. But for frequent flyers who consider jumbo jets their second office – hello 4+ vacations a year crew! – the savings, upgrades, discounts, and amenities make membership a smart splurge.

Before joining, pay attention to your individual travel habits and crunch numbers accordingly;

❏ Do you exclusively bunk at luxury 5-star venues when globetrotting? The exclusive hotel & resort discounts will quickly pad your wallet (and suite upgrades get you more bang for your buck!)

❏ Do you dine out every meal while exploring new destinations? Membership restaurant & tour offers will minimize food budgets.

❏ Do you normally fly first class or book premium cabins? Then 25% off airfare perks can amplify savings, in addition to lounge access and priority boarding perks.



Tips for Getting the Most from Your Membership

Joining the coveted Travel Advantage Elite unlocks the gateway to luxury voyaging beyond any common traveler’s reach. But don’t stop there! Implement these pro tips to maximize perks and extract the full value from your annual membership dues:

Book Early to Increase Upgrade Potential: Last-minute or impromptu bookings? Don’t expect presidential suite upgrades to fall magically in your lap (though your personal travel advisor may pull strings in a pinch!) Give yourself 6-12 months leeway when possible so your advisor can snag the best fares, and biggest rebates and maximize your upgrade eligibility for suites, villas, and premium cabins. The earlier you plan, the bigger the travel rockstar status.


Remain Flexible with Dates When Possible: Locked into rigid work schedules or life demands that prohibit free-flowing travel on a whim? We feel ya. But for ultimate heroes looking to unlock maximum rewards, lean into date flexibility whenever feasible. Being open to flight dates means your advisor can better calibrate your journeys around hotel suite availability, exclusive tour bookings, or premium seats. Even if you must arrive by a fixed date, consider departing later post-trip to reap extension discounts.


Get to Know Your Personal Travel Advisor – This partnership thrives when built on trust, rapport, and two-way communication. Chat often with your advisor so they fully understand your travel passions, budgets, personality quirks, and anything else relevant to curating your extraordinary voyages around the globe. Consider them your BFF + therapist who also happens to be an industry insider at your beck and call 24/7!


Take Advantage of Concierge Services: Your lavish lifestyle need not pause simply because you’ve swapped residences for the week. Your elite membership grants access to complimentary concierge services covering everything from securing dinner reservations, scheduling spa treatments, procuring event tickets, booking private tours… essentially anything your on-call whim desires! So embrace that diva mentality and let the concierge handle the logistics while you blissfully indulge. Allow this privilege to enhance your whole experience!


Don’t Forget the Luggage Perks! Being entitled to airline priority boarding and check-in is lovely, but let’s not disregard the complimentary luggage services provided by Travel Advantage Elite to amplify that jet-setter treatment even more. Leave bulky bags curbside as someone else worries

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